The Artist

Artists’ Row by Brian Luff 2019.

Brian Luff is a digital artist and award-winning animated film maker. His short film Aristaeus won the Spirit of the Festival Award at the London Short Series Festival 2018.

Before working as a director for BBC Television in London, Brian worked for 10 years as a cartoonist. Based at his studio and cartoon gallery in Islington he contributed illustrations to numerous books, magazines and newspapers.

Some of Brian’s digital paintings started life as scenes in his animated short films. “St Ives”, for example, was originally a background in his film “Cat Not Here”, which is an official selection for the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards 2019. “Snowy Highgate” was a background in his short film The Ghostly Frozen Chicken of Highgate Hill, which was a semi-finalist in the International Open Film Festival 2016.